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Over The Top

With more than a year of experience behind us and uncountable cups of coffee before us,Over the Top knows coffee—and the coffee industry. More importantly, we know how to share our knowledge, experience and solutions to best help you create, build and grow your specialty coffee business.


At CHNO we have a very simple goal for you to have a commercially successful and sustainable hot beverage offer at the right price that keeps your customers coming back for more. It’s a goal made easier by our competitive prices, fantastic customer service and unbeatable supplier expertise.

Overjoy Event

From small events at the comfort of your home to bigger corporate events, Overjoy Mobile Coffee is available at your convenience. Our mobile coffee cart is transportable and can be set up anywhere, anytime!

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What our clients say

Over The Top Food & Beverage Solutions provide prompt reply every time I request on products or seeking on some product information. On time delivery is important for our cafe, therefore their time management is well planned. Product pricing is reasonable and the most important is the beans that I purchase is brewing a nice cup of coffee where all my customer is happy and satisfied with it. I hereby is very satisfied with your product and service. Great job and Well Done , Keep it up.

Eat @ J’s

We couldn’t possibly ask for a better company to source all the products we need for our cafe. They are very professional with the product knowledge and training. We told them what we needed and they taught us everything from A-Z about running a cafe. These are the reasons why our cafe is packed with customers every night. A really huge shout out to the team!

Chockolatte The Coffee Ministry

We’ve had the Overjoy Crew at our events – they are just a delightful team to work with. They are so accommodating and will customize things (and throw in some freebies) to make your event a success! Oh – the coffee tastes great too!

Ms Zalina Microsoft

Over The Top although new to the market is run by passionate and highly motivated people. I have used their service constantly, it is a joy as they have great quality control and excellent after sales service

Theng Yi Lim Director @ Seed & Bean

Driven by passionate & enthusiastic talent, Over The Top Food & Beverage Solutions Sdn Bhd has always been my first choice since I started engaging them. Reliability and consistency at its best whilst going the extra mile by helping others, such as myself, bump up the beverage sales! I definitely will recommend their services and products!

Nicholas J.S. Thang Co-Founder @ Steaks & Lobsters

Who we are?

We are one-stop solution for all aspiring entrepreneurs who want a piece of action from the food service industry. We give the best consultancy and guide our clients the best we can through all stages in starting a food service business from ideation to grand opening, and provide long term support as the business thrives.

  • Endless oppurtunity of Food/ Cafes in Malaysia.
  • Step by step full consultancy till the business thrives.
  • We love our customers.
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